I’ve written some plugins I think you might like.

I love to code useful and easy to use plugins and themes and submit them to the WordPress plugin database so everybody can use them. Those plugins have to blend in with WordPress so you won’t notice that they are not in the original WP installation. That is my goal.

Things I love to experiment with:

  • Technical SEO
  • WordPress Plugins
  • WordPress Themes
  • Good Design
  • Schema
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Analytics
  • Music
  • Recording & engineering

You’ll notice that many of the plugins I’ve released and maintain are aimed at (technical) SEO and site speed functionalities. I believe faster websites are the future and it is rude to use up the bandwidth of your user when it is not necessary.

I’ve written some <span>plugins</span> I think you might like.

In an attempt to make Wordpress websites better...

...I’ve coded these plugins. You can install them via the Wordpress Plugin Repository. Yes, that is the one you can access from your WP-admin and then go to plugins. Search for the name and see if you recognise the icons.

This is a total rebranding package for the Wordpress admin built for for agencies, designers and website builders. This plugin also protects essential parts of the Wordpress installation in order to create an awesome user experience for the client on the WP-admin dashboard. My other plugins (Super Simple Age Gate, Super Simple Site Offline, Simple Analytics Tag) hook right in! So it feels as if they are part of Re:Branded. Or are they?

Wordpress Plugin

Super Simple Age Gate

Do you have to filter out younger people on your Wordpress site? With this super simple age gate you’ll fix those age restrictions quickly. Ment for webshops and other types of websites that has to have a curtain where people below your set age can’t peek behind. With some nice customisable items and features and the option to add a cookie notice this is a complete plugin for those who need is.

Wordpress Plugin

Simple Analytics Tag

Simple Analytics Tag helps you get your Wordpress website up and tracked quick. This plugin has a non-intrusive interface and fits very well within the WordPress Settings menu. Just paste in the ID from Google Tag Manager or Google Analytics and you are good to go. For older themes that don’t support the hook right after the body tag there is a function available you can throw in to make it work. Easy!